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Interested in becoming an affiliate for Maple Dot Designs?

Fill out the Google form below to apply!

After learning the ropes and getting a feel for the affiliate stuff, I think it's a great time to add a few more! 

I do have a few simple rules! 

1. You cannot use your links to purchase things yourself. This is against my affiliate policy. Any purchase you make using your own link will result in rejection of the commissions for those sales, and you will just be suspended and paid out for any outstanding sales previous.

2. Post a minimum of 3 times per month in places OTHER THAN Maple Dot Designs. This is a small and hopefully easily maintainable requirement.

3. You can only post an affiliate link in my group if you've created an actual product with one of my designs. You cannot post it in your main post - but in the comments of your own post, you can!

4. Do NOT comment on my posts with your links, or on anyone else's posts.

5. Do NOT share your personal affiliate discount code.

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